Review “Angie Tribeca”

So, we sat down the other night to the Angie Tribeca premier on TBS, which, if you didn’t catch it, was a marathon of every episode of the show, played back to back, without commercials—but with what was supposed to be like a PBS telethon in between the shows (TBS, PBS… maybe that’s where the idea came from?).

Did we make it through all of them? Ha! Did we make it through at least one? Yes, we did.
Here’s the set-up, in case you haven’t heard about the show. Angie Tribeca, played by Rashida Jones, is a tough-as-nails detective who doesn’t play by the rules, and doesn’t quit until she’s solved the case. Her partner’s name is Jay Geils (J-A-Y),

There are lots of celebrity cameos, like Alfred Molina as the forensic scientist Dr. Edelweiss, whom we saw in the episode we watched, as well as Lisa Kudrow and even the great Bill Murray, whom we did not see. But. You know. Wait around for a bit and you’ll get a Bill Murray sighting. Speaking of which, did you see the Bill Murray Christmas Special? So amazing.

We watched it while we were decorating the tree. We’ll be doing the same next year. I sense a tradition coming on.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, right. Angie Tribeca. The show was created by Steve and Nancy Carrell, who have both said that it is intentionally incredibly stupid. Which is to say, it’s purveying a very particular type of humor, and that humor is almost part and parcel the humor of the Zucker brothers, the same guys who gave you the Airplane movies (kids, ask your parents), and the Naked Gun films (kids, again, ask your parents. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m talking to your parents. Hey, parents. Pretty soon, we’re going to have shows about Snapchat, Slack, and Peach, to see what you need to know about those social media platforms. Stay tuned.)

Again, where was I? Oh. Again, Angie Tribeca. I sincerely wish that my wife and I had recorded our watching of the show. Really and truly. Because it was an evolution. Since I didn’t, I’ll do a re-creation. I’m going to have to do both voices. And since I don’t do her very well, I’ll just do mine for both.

Me: That Angie Tribeca marathon is on. We should probably watch that.

Her: Did we finish watching Jessica Jones?

Me: Yes.

Her: Did we finish Transparent?

Me: No. Let’s just… we said we were going to watch this, let’s just watch it.

We turn it on. And it plays for about five minutes. There are some stupid jokes.

Me: This is not funny.

Her: This is god awful.

Another five minutes pass. During which time the same stupid jokes come up. Only they repeat. And get sillier.

Me: (laughter)

Her: (nothing)

Another five minutes. The same jokes. Only harder. And faster. And completely and deeply unapologetic.

Me: (Laughter. Like, so much laughter I can’t breathe)

Her: (Some laughter. And then a little bit more. And so on)

Now. There may or may not have been some herbal enhancement on my part. And that may or may not have helped this show seem funnier.

But the bottom line is this, when you ask yourself, will I like the show, Angie Tribeca? Question one is: Do you have a soft spot for silly humor? Question two is: did you find the Zucker Brothers’ films funny? And, three—and this is optional—do you live in a state where marijuana is legal?

If the answer to questions one and two are yes, well, you probably don’t need to answer question three.